Gates of Elysion


Did some all night sewing. Go me.

She is seriously tiny.

Half 9 explanatory, having fallen asleep earlier:

Basically was stuck between doing another pocket mirror fanart or sound horizon blame queenofween. When I was making my decision kiramekirai told me to do Snow White. 

Now I’m tired and wondering how the hell I didn’t stab my eyes from this or fall asleep on pins and needles.

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:) Listo!

Chibi Tiz with #5 and a super derpy background X______X

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 02. Mizuno Ami - Sailor Mercury

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Kuroshitsuji is a very serious anime about murder and revenge.

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Anastasia Trivia:The musical number "Paris Holds the Key (To Your Heart)" includes cameos by various historical characters from the time including Maurice Chevalier, Sigmund Freud, Charles A. Lindbergh, Josephine Baker, Claude Monet, Isadora Duncan, Auguste Rodin, and Gertrude Stein.

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